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  • Cocaine gives a false sense to oneself of invulnerability and gives strong intoxication , especially at the beginning of the abuse . They are sometimes used as sexual stimulants, an ability which , however, decreases with time .
  • After a cocaine rush you often get a crash landing , a type of depression that attracts new interim highs . Abstinence with both physical (fatigue , muscle pain , sweating ) and mental disorders are common.
  • Cocaine rush is descibed to give::
  • Vitality
  • Euphoria, pleasure
  • thought sharpness
  • Energy and stamina


In addition to the above symptoms are present such as hyperactivity and hypomania . Your appetite may increase , leading to overeating , but also loss of appetite and anorexia occur. Insomnia, anxiety, restlessness , anxiety , irritability are other negative mental effects that the drug may cause , such as:

  • Racing thoughts, unstable temperament
  • Loss of self-control, uninhibited behavior
  • Increased unbridled sexual activity
  • Psychosis-like reactions
  • Self Centering in mind, paranoid ideas
  • Pseudo Hallucinations (Magans characters), auditory hallucinations
  • Depression, sadness
  • Suiside acts


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